The death of you

Her eyes were glowing with death. Though, they shone with a beauty you’ve never seen before. It frightens you. 
She has been watching you from afar, followed your every move. When you noticed her she’d already decided that you would be hers, and you already know that there’s no use thinking of a way to escape. The beauty before you will be the death of you, and you can’t do anything but embrace it.
Her eyes are glistening as she bows down over you. Your voice is stuck in your throat, but even if you managed to get it to work again, what would you say?
She puts an ice cold finger over your lips in a gesture that says hush. You obey. You just close your eyes and lean your head back, obedient, as she sinks her teeth down the soft skin of your throat. You hold your breath as she drinks the life out of you. And when she’s done, she plants a blood red kiss across your lips and whispers thank you.


© Amanda

Postat av: Sam ★

Så fint, wuuh. Fick lust att skriva nu bara för det. ):

2013-09-20 @ 19:14:04

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